CreateSpace cover, matte beats glossy…

Recently, I updated the paperback cover on my new/first fiction book, which have listed through CreateSpace. No expert when it comes to publishing but what became obvious to me is that the matte covers really look the business, whilst the glossy singles out the book as self-published.

The glossy covers tend to curl up more, have odd white specks and the print is not as clear/detailed. The sheen is also a negative when put against a crisp matte copy. See pictures below for yourself, although the front cover capture shows the glossy paperback in a better light than it actually is.


Glossy vs Matte








Glossy vs Matte


Hope you will agree, the matter covers look quite tidy and very professional.

Find out more about my new book here>Ralph



2 thoughts on “CreateSpace cover, matte beats glossy…

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me about fingerprints on the book? I’m self-publishing too, and I ordered my proof in matte. Like you, my cover is mostly black and I noticed fingerprints and marks on the matte cover right away, which I don’t love. (And anything you can tell me about the books’ quality over time would be appreciated!)

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    1. Yeah, I think fingermarks when being read will be more easily seen on the matte, whereas glossy tends to scratch more. Neither will be as durable or have paper quality compared to a mass market cover, but the gloss print-on-demand appears to deteriorate quicker than matte. I’d go with whatever looks best on first glance to sell.


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